10 Tech Items for the Home Office that you Cant Live Without

Thanks to the opportunities that the modern Web affords, more and more people are choosing to work at home as self-employed freelancers and entrepreneurs Additionally, many in full-time employment are being offered the opportunity to telecommute on occasion. Nonetheless, there's more to working at home than slacking around in pajamas and having the TV on in the background. With the right technology at your disposal, you'll be able to make those hours more productive and more rewarding. Here are 10 tech items every home office should have:

1. Multi-function Printer

While there's a major trend in the workplace to opt for a paperless office, there will always be some things you absolutely need to print. In particular, you should always keep hard copies of important documents like invoices and tax returns, so you can refer to them at any time, even if the Internet is down. However, a multi-function printer provides a far wider range of features without even costing a great deal more. In fact, almost all modern printers designed for home-office use come in the all-in-one variety, featuring a fax machine and scanner as well as a color printer.

2. Large Monitor

While there's a lot of talk about mobile devices taking over, technology is perhaps getting too small for its own good. After all, when it comes to productivity, there is no substitute for a proper desktop computer combined with a full-size keyboard and a large monitor. Not only is a larger display much more comfortable to use, but they also tend to feature higher resolutions, allowing you to fit more on the screen and greatly increase your productivity in doing so. Go for the largest monitor and highest resolution you can afford, and don't settle for anything less than 192ox1080.

3. Laptop Computer

If you're working at home full-time, a desktop computer is an absolute must, since portable devices have smaller screens and are less comfortable to use. However, you'll likely need or want the freedom to work away from home on occasion, such as when you're commuting somewhere or you simply want a change of scene. Laptop computers are more powerful than ever before, and full high-definition screen resolutions are now standard among higher-end machines. When you're not using it for everyday work, you can use it as a seco